WYNN + REI // woven paracord leash + detachable tab / 4ft or 120cm max


WYNN is a woven paracord leash that connects with the detachable REI (available also on its own) to form a short leash. WYNN is made out of a continuous 15m long paracord that can be used as an emergency tool when needed. We recommend this combo for XS-S pups. With a convertible design, you can also add another WYNN to walk two dogs on the same REI.

WYNN 3¼ft or 100cm long, ¾" or 2cm wide
REI 1ft or 30cm / 20" or 50cm long when extended, ¾" or 2cm wide

• 100% waterproof and will never retain moisture
• easy to clean and just need a wipe down
• single hand clips with a 360 degrees rotatable swivel at both ends
 odor proof to prevents bacteria growth
• rust resistant hardware
• kevlar stitching for lifetime durability
¾" or 2cm wide

Perfect for city strolls or short hikes
Wipe to clean