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Connecting through a Long Lead | Lambwolf Collective

Connecting through a Long Lead

We dreamed of living a life alongside Julie where we could include her on all our adventures, both urban and wild. We’d be able to help Julie confidently navigate our modern world of city sidewalks, construction sounds, and patio dining. Simultaneously, it was important for us to allow Julie to “just be a dog.”  This meant giving Julie the freedom to explore nature and engage her biological senses while still prioritizing her safety as a prey-driven, flight-risk dog. Off-leash freedom was the absolute dream, but we knew it would take consistent work, a strong bond to re-engage her focus from hyper-fixations, a solid recall, a clear communication system, and much more.
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Enrichment Exercise + Play Objects | Lambwolf Collective

Enrichment Exercise + Play Objects

Not only can enrichment bring benefits to the well-being of our pets, but it is also a great training tool and a solution to problems we might face. This blog discusses some of the numerous benefits that the dog and the owner can enjoy through enrichment exercise and now you can make your furry ones happy, confident and stress-free through our range of play objects.
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E T S U + M E | Lambwolf Collective

E T S U + M E

Sarah believes in having a vision while training the dog in front of you, one day at time. Eat, train and play with Etsu and Me.

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